our story

A few years ago, when we completed our Camino de Santiago hike, we felt the time for change came. All of sudden, the corporate world and constant chase wasn't for us anymore. The more we travelled, the more we felt there was more to life than just endless hours at work and stress. We started to fantasise about a little cottage in the country - somewhere close to the nature, somewhere sunny. We tested the waters and looked for the properties and areas and, just like that, one day this wasn't a dream anymore; we were living it! We did it!

So here we are, embarking on this new journey. We don't know what to expect and we are not sure what the future will bring, but we are ready to try because this makes us feel truly alive!

Call it midlife crisis if you like, but sitting here in the sunshine surrounded by the peaceful beauty, if this is a Crisis, I want more!! 

our story

Meet Your Hosts


Born: Just in time to see Star Wars when it first came out

Likes: Cooking; Land Rovers; Animals and I suppose my wife

Dislikes: Being asked to make Hamburgers!


Born: None of your business!!

Likes: Dan's cooking, walking, traveling, gardening and annoying my husband!

Dislikes: Not much actually

Gilly AKA "Bum Bum"

Born: April 2016

Likes: Cuddles, belly rubs, sausages, treats, chasing the cats, sleeping and Dan

Dislikes: The vet, swimming and bath-time

Interesting Fact About Me: I have no attention span….Cat!!!

Bob & George

Born: Before that bloody dog!!

Likes: Watching the dog run in circles after its tail, ignoring humans till dinner time and grooming ourselves in the bright sunshine.

Dislikes: The dog chasing us

Interesting Fact About Me: We are planning to take over the world once we get opposable thumbs